PAPI: Infusing Fun into Crypto with Mysterious Puppetry!


Token Supply

Papi coin will have a fixed total supply of, let's say, 1 billion tokens.


Initial Distribution:

50% of the tokens could be allocated for an initial distribution event, which might involve airdrops, presale, or initial liquidity pool creation.

Development Team:

Allocate around 15% to the development team to ensure ongoing project development and improvements.


Allocate 10% for marketing initiatives to promote the coin and increase its visibility.


Set aside 15% for liquidity on decentralized exchanges to ensure trading availability.

Community and Partnerships:

Allocate 10% for community rewards, partnerships, and collaborations.



Holders can stake Papi tokens to earn rewards or participate in governance decisions.


Papi could integrate with NFTs, allowing holders to mint or trade unique meme-related digital assets.


Holders can participate in the decision-making process, such as voting on proposals or changes to the project.


Liquidity Mining:

Encourage liquidity provision on decentralized exchanges by offering Papi rewards to liquidity providers.

Staking Rewards:

Provide incentives for token holders who participate in staking to secure the network.

Referral Program:

Introduce a referral program to reward users who bring in new holders or participants.

Token Burning

Periodic Burns:

Implement regular token burns by using a portion of transaction fees, reducing the overall supply and potentially increasing scarcity.

Fees and Revenue

Transaction Fees:

A small portion of transaction fees could be collected and redistributed to token holders as rewards or used for burns.


About Papi

PAPI a decentralised meme project putting fun back into cryptocurrency with our mysterious puppet. A first in the cryptocurrency space, bringing Lotto Staking to the space. This trendy puppet is ready to breed future Papi Chulo’s!


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